Survey (Off-shore & Onshore)

We provide of surveying services in the field of, Land Survey,  GIS Mapping & planning including below Services Also, we are Earthwork Construction, Highway and Road Construction Company also service for all types of Road Works, Asphalt Works, Excavation, Backfilling and all types of Civil, Infrastructure & Earthwork.


Alignment Planning Surveys

Control Point (Bench marks) Monument Network Establishment

Construction Layout and Staking Surveys

Civil Construction Survey

Drones Survey

Deformation Surveys

Earthwork Quantity Survey

GIS Mapping & planning

Hydrographic Surveys

High Definition 3D laser Scanning and Modeling

High Rise Building Survey

Mining Survey Services

Mechanical Survey

Master Planning Provision Surveys

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Geospatial Services

Plant Construction Survey

Pipeline Survey

Railroad Survey

Road Profile Designing by using the latest CAD Applications like AutoCAD Civil 3D, Micro Station ArcGIS Mapping.

Scanning and Modeling

Subdivision Design and Layout

Storage Tank Calibration Surveys

Stockpile Quantity Survey

Survey Crew

Traffic Survey

Topographic Mapping Surveys

Technical Manpower Supply

Underground Utility Mapping Surveys

Benefits of GIS mapping to client companies include: 

Ø  An understanding of existing assets

Ø  Enhanced planning of new construction for Utilities pipeline routes, roads, tunnels and proximity to sensitive receptors

Ø  Linking of GIS data to external databases, which can provide greater insight into the relationships between separate aspects of a business

Ø  Accessing GIS data on a secure, hosted platform within the browser

Ø  Cost savings from greater efficiency

Ø  More effective decision making

Ø  Enhanced communication

The ability for large companies to manage assets geographically

Hydrographic/Bathymetric Surveys

Hydrographic surveys are very important for offshore and near shore coastal development projects. It provides the project design and construction teams with vital information about the configuration of the seabed terrain, tidal information and wave modeling, in addition to other valuable project input data. During the construction phase, hydrographic survey support is required for dredging works, offshore positioning of structures, and for post dredge volume computation surveys. In our quest to provide our clients with complete surveying services solutions, we have acquired a highly qualified team of hydrographic survey engineers, technicians and operators and provided them with the most innovative and fully integrated hydrographic systems. Our hydrographic survey department is undertaking the following hydrographic surveying services:

♦ Pre and Post Dredging Operations support surveys.
♦ Navigation clearance and obstruction detection and verification surveys.
♦ Coastal management and development surveys.
♦ Coastal engineering surveys.
♦ Off-shore drill barge positioning surveys.
♦ Tidal measurements, zoning and computations of vertical chart datum’s.
♦ Off shore shallow and deep draft navigation charting surveys.
♦ Harbor construction surveys.
♦ Off-shore environmental surveys.
♦ Sea bottom composition and vegetation mapping.
♦ Structural inspection and research surveys.
♦ Measurements of physical properties of the water column.
♦ Determination of the force and direction of water currents.
♦ Hydrographic surveys supporting monitoring and measuring contract performance.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic Mapping Surveys are carried out to document existing project site conditions for various purposes such as urban and regional planning, project design, road and utilities route design, site preparation and grading, quantity and volume calculation. Topographic Survey typically depicts the configuration of the ground surface details in addition to site planimetric details. Ground surface details are then represented on topographic maps of various sizes, scales and formats depending on the intended use of the maps.

Topographic data collection can be achieved using traditional survey system (total station) or satellite based positioning systems. The amount of details, accuracy, site conditions, and project schedule constraints often determine the type of survey systems used. Both techniques (GNSS RTK or Conventional Total Stations) almost provide identical output and therefore can be used interchangeably.

At AITL, we realize and fully understand the importance of topographic data delivered to our clients. This data is a vital input into the project design and planning phases. High quality topographic data in terms of accuracy and completeness is guaranteed via faultless and well defined process of clearly identifying project objectives, professionally supervised field survey and mapping procedures, and more importantly, well established quality control and assurance processes throughout the entire project. All our deliverables are painstakingly tested and checked in accordance with highest professional standards.

AITL has completed numerous topographic mapping projects for various types of engineering and planning purposes. Our list of featured projects shows some samples of our previous works of topographic mapping.

Underground Utility Mapping Surveys

Most planning and engineering agencies are faced with difficulties concerning underground utility line networks with no existing and accurate as-built maps. As-built maps are rarely available and when available, they are hard to gather from various sources, inaccurate and often based on the design plans not the actual as-built conditions. This could result in considerable project delays, costly accidents, infrastructure damage, service disruption, and increased unforeseen costs. AITL employs different types and combinations of state of the art technologies in the detection and mapping of underground utility lines of various material types and depths with an unprecedented accuracy and high degree of certainty and reliability. Underground utility maps can be delivered separately or overlaid on ground surface detail and topographic maps in many industry standard formats. Our services include:

♦ Underground utility detection, location and mapping.
♦ Geological investigation.
♦ Archeology Surveys.
♦ Structural inspection and damage prevention.

The above services are achieved through the application of fully integrated utility mapping solutions, including Global positioning systems, conventional survey techniques, Ground Penetrating Radar, and electromagnetic 3D remote sensing systems. Our services are done in the most professional manner without disturbing traffic or undermining the safety of the public. For more information, please contact one of our sales representatives.